Adam Griffith Photography

Adam Griffith Photography

Wes is a Brooklyn based actor, singer, and instrumentalist who was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Television and film work includes supporting and principal roles in LAST MOMENT OF CLARITYADULTHOOD, SIX DEGREES OF MURDERTHE BHATKI BOY, and more

Noted stage performances include Billy Bigelow in CAROUSEL, Curly in OKLAHOMA! Father Flynn in Cuomo and Shanley's DOUBT, Stanley Kowalski in Previn's A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, the title role in Thomas’ HAMLET, Hannah Before in Reed, Kaminski, and Campbell's AS ONE, and Aquilla Quick-Manning in the world premiere of Fellini’s THE EXECUTION OF MRS. COTTON.

Wes graduated from the Academy of Vocal Arts and the University of Michigan where he was presented the Earl V. Moore Award for outstanding contribution to the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. He also studied at the William Esper Studio under Suzanne Esper for their summer acting intensive.


Film Acting Reel

Dialect Demo 

Amateur Singer (Comedy/Impressions)

Detective (Procedural)

The Undateables (Comedy)

Online date gone wrong (Dark Comedy)

Soliloquy from Carousel

Wave Goodbye by Chris Cornell

When Your Mind’s Made Up From Once

Rock Demo (Guitar, Piano, Rock Vocals)

Ballet Demo

Voice Over Sample

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